Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 24

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have


I’ve not done a lot this week, just a couple more squares for the Patchwork. I managed to squeeze in some crochet time en route to a weekend away with the family!

Also, popcorn!

Also, in non-crocheting-or-knitting news, I broke out the old Fimo this week and made some more crochet hooks! They’ve been selling steadily in the Etsy shop, and I received a custom order request! This green beauty with pink petals winged its way off to its new owner today:

I do apologise for the less-than-stellar photos this week, by the way; my PC is staging some kind of protest so I can’t upload from my camera. Phone photography it is!

You’ll notice that the hook size has been highlighted with a little paint in the top photo – what do you think? It makes it so much easier to see, but I’d like to play around with more a subtle variation, I think. I used a dark green; I think I’d prefer a gentler silver or something… Opinions welcomed and encouraged in the comments!




Well, if you were to look at the above picture, you might be fooled into thinking that I actually finished my Flying Ford Anglia Stripey socks. Of course you would be wrong.

I managed to finish the toe of the second sock and got very excited about my next pair of socks that I immediately cast them on, using the needles I needed to knit the afterthought heel. What a chump move! I’m sure that I have another pair of needles, the correct size, but who knows where they are. I don’t mind though because the socks I’m working on are quite fantastic.


If you guessed I’d started the Every Flavour Mercury socks, you’d be right! I knew going in that the variegated nature of the yarn doesn’t really lend itself to a lace pattern of this scale. However, I honestly do not care. Seeing all the colours of the yarn play together is so much fun, every single stitch is different and the lace texture is softly subtle against the cacophony of colour! I’ve heard such lovely things about this pattern, it has been doing the rounds on the Ravelry forums I’m in and it has not dissapointed. The simple six stitch repeat is so rhythmic  I’m certain that after only three pattern repeats I have it memorised. I’ve made a couple of mistakes, having missed some yarn overs here and there but they are easily found and fixed. So far, so good! I’m not very far in so hopefully the rest of the knit is equally smooth



I’ve also been experimenting with African Violet motifs.These two are made using different size hooks to see how they work out with scale. There are some amazing patterns using these motifs to build amazing animals as well as beautiful blankets. The blue petaled flower was my first attempt and used a 4mm hook. It is the perfect size for blanket blocks as it works up quickly and has a decent area. I feel that the spacing in the middle and in the petals wouldn’t be the best for animal sculpture. The pink petaled flower used a slightly smaller hook, a 3.5mm, but again I’m uncertain whether it would be good enough for animals so will attempt to use an even smaller hook if I can find one! A reoccuring theme for me!



I have been working on the blanket as well, I quite like the look of the African Violet’s against the blocks I’ve already got. This will give another aspect to the blanket which I think works perfectly with the theme that I’m working with. Time will tell though!






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