Weekly Wednesday, erm, Thursday, just about, Wip Roll Call; Ep 23

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have





So I didn’t finish the socks. Quelle suprise right? But look how close I am, I’m fairly certain I’m going to finish the toe today. I have been stung by my own hubris before though.Will I ever learn? I can’t even say that I was particularly busy this week, we did have a dye day on Tuesday, but other than that my week has been fairly quiet. Fingers crossed this week is equally quiet because I’ve already caked up my Every Flavour yarn ready to go for my Mercury socks. I’m itching to start something new but must resist.



I’ve also started joining the blocks on my blanket. I thought I had joined more and can’t decide if my memory is failing me, or that this project has fallen victim to tiny toddler hands. The blocks are working together nicely in a join as you go manner so that is positive!


In other news, we had a very successful dye day. I’ve taken a few pictures of the yarn we dyed but I think we’re sharing that in a bigger standalone post. For now though, here is a picture of the yarn being swiped by the aforementioned tiny toddler hands, please ignore the errant hair… where is the eyecovering monkey emoji when you need it!




Dye day totally took precedence this week! It was SO MUCH FUN. More to come on that topic in another blog post, soon. 

Having said that, it was also my birthday this week! Yay. I was fortunate to be given some scrumptious yarn by Dye Candy and Fleabubs & Lala. 

Also this spectacular mug


 I will speak more about those yarns once I’ve used them, I expect. But don’t they look great?!

Now then. In terms of actual crocheting, I can confirm that I’ve been working on the Scrappy Patchwork blanket some more. I have made around twenty squares this week.

As you can see, I’m in the midst of yet another crisis about colour selections, as the squares are mostly divided into “proper bright” and “a bit less bright” currently. I don’t know. I liked the more gentle palette I arranged a couple of weeks ago, but I’d also like this to be a blanket for the boys’ room. While they’re not averse to a bit of pink and purple, I don’t know how much longer I have left before they do the “urgh but that’s a girl colour” thing. (Weep!) 

One last thing before I go – I worked up a square of some yarn I dyed on Tuesday – and I love it! Here’s a sneak peek:


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