Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 22

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


I haven’t started anything new this week; just been plugging away at the Pixel Scrappy Blanket squares. I’m aiming to make it single bed sized, to go in the kids’ room probably. It has occurred to me that if one of them gets a blanket for their bed, I should probably make one for the other child too. I’ll have to have a think on that one. Maybe expand the old scrappy ripple blanket (“bridges blanket” – I’ll explain below!) with a wide border so it covers the bed fully.

This one. Obsessed as he was with trains at the time, my oldest son used to run engines up and down the stripes; calling it “my bridges blanket”. And so it has since been known!

Now, hopefully that stream-of-consciousness blanket chatter has distracted you from the fact that I’ve done practically nothing this week… and without further ado, here’s Nicole!


This week has been pretty slow! I don’t know why, I guess considering the last few weeks raced by at break neck speed with busyness, being back to work and the normal routine has seemed a bit dull.

Despite that I’ve attempted to make some progress on my blanket. I had started joining these blocks before taking the picture but did not enjoy the method I had used at all. So obviously it had to be ripped back. Having seen how they look joined, I’m not sure my original plans will work. I might need to make them bigger and go from there. Decisions decisions eh? That said these are only block version 1.0, I still have a few more ideas to give a go before settling on the final version(s).

I have still been plugging away on these stripy socks. Using my own self striping yarn I am absolutely in love with this colourway! I realise you can’t quite see the toe in the first picture but the dark grey is a perfect contrast. I am desperate to finish these so that I can crack on with the afterthought heel. It won’t be too long I should think, I am half way through the striping section on the second sock, so dependant on how tomorrow goes I should be ready for the heel on Saturday night. That is how rock and roll I live guys, knitting and Netflix with the occasional cup of tea thrown in for good measure! These socks have been living in my (shameless plug alert) Kaleidoscope City project bag, we have similar ones in stock in our Etsy shop so do have a look there if you like what you see!


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