Achievement Unlocked: We Opened An Etsy Shop! Plus: Exciting News…

Can you believe it?! We’re both completely giddy with joy, for a fortnight ago, we finally opened up our Etsy shop for business!


This is an exciting time for Kaleidoscope City, as – announcement time – we up our game with a view to start dyeing luxury yarns for sale within a matter of weeks. We’ve been slowly kitting ourselves out over the space of a year; picking up some large dyeing pans here, squeezy bottles for hand-painting there. A packet of citric acid; a box of latex gloves; pipettes and beakers and tiny measuring spoons. Both of us ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the colour chart of dyes, taking turns to pick shades. We’ve begun to stockpile samples of different “bare” yarns including superwash merino sock yarn with added nylon for durability, and GOLD SPARKLY yarn (I’m particularly excited about that one). Now, we’re fundraising to make a big purchase: a bulk order of undyed yarn. We CANNOT WAIT to get cracking with this, having had several practice runs in the meantime. Take a look at some mobile phone photos of Nicole’s gorgeous test dyes from last week:


I actually helped with the one on the left – I’d only popped over for a cup of tea, but you know how things escalate. Before I knew it we had masks on, a huge pot on the stove, and jars of dye in our hands.


Impulsive yarn fancification

Nicole has written about her exploits (and my enthusiastic joining-in) here, in this week’s Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call. Take a look!

So, currently in the Etsy shop we have for sale a number of hand-sewn project bags…


… and some polymer-clay-handled crochet hooks.


We’re thinking about making some stitch markers, progress keepers, and maybe some other accessories – if you have any suggestions, hit us up in the comments!

As you can imagine, this is a hugely gratifying and exciting experience for both of us. We’re forging a business doing something we love – who could ask for more? We’re both incredibly appreciative of our readers, followers, and now customers too!

See you soon with further updates on our adventures!


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