Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep 21 – the one day late edition.

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.



Hey guys! Long time no see! I’ve been absent on here and instagram for TWO WEEKS and it has felt like an age. The first week I had extreme technical issues with both my camera and laptop which are thankfully sorted out now! Then last week I was visiting family with my daughter followed quickly by her 2nd birthday. It truly was a whirlwind of busyness with little time to check in. Don’t worry though, I do have plenty to share.


I have a lot of plans for knitting this year which involve a lot of sock yarn. Have you heard of the #boxosoxkal2017? It’s a year long knitalong where you knit at least 12 pairs of socks for yourself so thats where my yarn requirements come from. Knowing my plans, my husband treated me to a KnitPicks order as a lovely Valentines Day present. Don’t be fooled though; we share a bank account and it was really an excuse get me to buy him things for his hobby which I happily did!

Anyway, KnitPicks sell a self striping yarn called Felici and there is a particular colourway named “Beyond The Wall”. Any self respecting Game of Thrones fans will immediately understand the reference by the colours let alone the name. A sequence of blues and greys it perfectly captures the feel of the Night King and the White Walkers. I decided that this would be the perfect yarn to knit a themed pair of socks when the final season airs at some point this year complete with dark grey contrast heel, cuff and toe.


I’m also participating in another year long KAL, the Inside Number 23 Harry Potter 2017 KAL (#23hpkal2017). This one is make at least six Harry Potter inspired pieces within the year. I’ve already completed my first project for both of the KALs as thankfully double dipping is allowed, the Hermiones Everyday Socks. I am yet to write a tada post about these, will update the post when I do. The basis of Harry Potter inspiration is pretty broad, you can knit patterns that are named for an aspect of Harry Potter, use yarns that are inspired by Harry Potter and if you can describe why it relates to Harry Potter in some way its good to be included!

Now I don’t want to spend the year making Hermiones Everyday Socks, I do love the pattern but I also love variety so I decided to dye some yarn for my projects based on Harry Potter inspiration. I managed to include some undyed sock yarn from KnitPicks in my order and quickly got to work! My first dyeing attempt was a self striping colourway, ambitious I know! If I try it again anytime soon I’ll be sure to share my method with pictures, it was a bit time consuming sorting the yarn whilst monitoring a toddler. Shocking right?


My inspiration was the cover of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I have named this colourway The Flying Ford Anglia. The green is the countryside, the blue representing the Ford Anglia, the slim stripe of grey is the trim of the car and Hedwig is in the thin white strip. I pretty much winged it in terms of measuring for the stripes which resulted in slightly thinner stripes of grey and white than I would have liked. Despite that though this yarn is pure joy and excitement. It is  pretty close to the colours I wanted to achieve and it stripes! That was the main goal so I feel happily smug.

I’m knitting it up as a basic cuff down vanilla sock using an afterthought heel. This will be my first afterthought heel attempt and I’ve finished the first tube of sock. Theoretically inserting the afterthought heel will mean that I have greater control over the stripe distribution. In my last pair of self striping socks, the heel was constructed as I go and the front has a tiny odd stripe on on each foot. I should be able to avoid this by inserting a contrast heel! I feel like this would be a fantastic way to level up my sock knitting game! These socks will also count towards the Pinfeather and Purls #stripeysockskal2017 as well as the #boxosoxkal2017 another double dipping win!



In my delivery I had two more skeins of bare yarn which I couldn’t resist dyeing. The one on the right is named Every Flavour and the left pair doesn’t have a name. Scratch that, its now named Anon, I’m punny like that… Anyway, they were both dyed with the same dyes but a couple of weeks apart. Every Flavour has ultra blue flecks whilst Anon has Turquoise. Anon was actually a bit of a collaboration between Katy and me when she popped over for a cup of tea at the beginning of the week. The yarn was placed in a pale yellow dye bath, I placed the turquoise whilst Katy added in the magenta with us both adding extra turquoise speckles. Every Flavour was a total free pour experiment with the three base colours resulting in so many beautiful hues. Its destiny is a pair of Mercury Socks once I’ve finished the afterthought heel pair whilst Anon will end up a pair of Harry Potter themed Erica Lueder socks, specifically The Weasley Homestead socks. So that is six pairs of socks in total that are either knit, being knitted or at least planned for!


Other projects have been left on the wayside a bit due to the time away. My blanket project is currently hanging out on this diy blocking board. This is just a gardeners kneeling pad picked up for a paltry £1 in Wilkinsons with some bamboo canes I had on hand. Pinterest has more details if you search diy blocking board,  this is quite a simple option for granny blocks. I’ve got a few more things to practice for this blanket before I knuckle down into complete making mode on it. My Granny Stripe Ripple had a couple of rows added whilst watching the Super Bowl at the beginning of the month but is too cumbersome to travel with these days. Finn also hasn’t been touched. I did make another Wickerwork Hat using some KnitPicks Brava worsted that is pictured in the delivery box at the top, but I have given that to my Nan without taking a picture of it. Well I took one which I’m going to share on Insta in my #yarnlovechallenge catch up!

What an epic catch up! It feels great to be back, now back to my socks!



Katy is away this week with her family! This time of year tends to be busy for both of us thanks to family birthdays and half terms. Hoping that Storm Doris doesn’t interfere with things too much for her, I’m sure she’ll tell us all about it and what she’s been doing soon.


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