Tada! Katy’s Chunky Merino Hat

Another day, another Tada post! I present to you, the Chunky Merino Hat.


My OH asked me for a chunky knitted hat. He didn’t mind what colour, nor was he fussed about any specific pattern. Just a chunky, slouchy hat.

I did my usual – consulted Ravelry – and as usual, it came up with an answer: Jason’s Tweed Hat by Melissa Thomson. Excellent. Free as well- bonus! Next, to choose some yarn. I had a look online at a selection of yarns that might be both soft and chunky, and settled upon Wendy Merino Chunky in the Soot colourway. It’s a lovely mid-grey that looks blue in some lights. It suits him (and the rest of his wardrobe) down to the ground.

After starting the hat as per the pattern, I realised that it wasn’t big enough. We joke about poor OH having trouble finding hats to fit, and this pattern was no different. So I ripped back and started again with 90 stitches instead of the recommended 70. I think I just had to make sure it was a multiple of 10, in order for the decreases to work out. I also made the hat longer than the pattern specified, as OH wanted a hat with a bit of slouch.


Once it was all knit up, I blocked the hat using a balloon. This was my first foray into hat blocking, and I’m pleased to report that it was successful! (The smaller hat was, too!)


I blew the balloon up a little, stuck it in the hat and blew it up some more. I then misted the hat all over with water, and left it to dry for 24 hours. When i took the balloon out, I had a smoothed, neat-looking hat, stretched out a little in the crown but not at all stretched in the ribbed brim. Perfect!

I am really pleased with the end result, as is OH. Lovely simple pattern, lovely smooth yarn. Thumbs up!



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