Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 18

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


I’ve made some tangible progress with the Caravan Granny Square Blanket this week! I finished weaving in ALL of the ends, a task which took me about three weeks. Probably because it was so unappealing!


I’ve also added a couple of rounds to the border, which is shaping up to be pretty LOUD with its delightfully clashy colours.


That’s all the WIP progress that I have to write about this week! Lots of creative ideas firing themselves around my mind though. I’m reaching a point where my current projects are starting to feel a little too stale; I think once this blanket is done it might be time to start something fresh…




Last week, I said I would try to complete one stripe on my Granny Ripple blanket each day of the week. Obviously I did not. In fact I only just finished the row I was working in last week’s post last night. Apparently grand sweeping declarations aren’t really the way for me. Having said that, I did finish the socks I was working on! They’re just blocking currently then I will prepare a blog post tada to show them off.

As for Finn, no progress has been made. I finally got around to ordering the safety eyes though, as well as a bit of stash enhancement for future projects that I have playing on my mind. I’m enjoying the fact that KnitPicks deliver to the UK with no custom charges. Makes it feel less extravagant when I keep adding to my basket to get to the free shipping value.


The other project I’m working on is providing some challenges. I’ve had the shapes in my mind but putting them together is not as straightforward as I had anticipated. I also have a tiny toddler of crochet doom who has taken quite a fancy to the blocks that I have finished, at least one is currently being re purposed as a blanket for one of my daughters small stuffed animals. That said, it’s all part of the fun of making up your own pattern right? Playing to make it right and overcoming issues to make something you are truly proud of! I will, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, make it work.


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