Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 17

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


Progress! This week has seen the completion of another WIP – the Not-Convertible Mitts (link to Ravelry project page here). You’ll notice the slight adjustment to their name, since I gave up on the Convertible element and just made them into simple mittens to fit my 6yo. I rant on a bit about this project here, in their own Tada! post.


I’ve also been working steadily on my Caravan Granny Square Blanket; weaving in a few more ends each evening. I think I’m on about square number 28 of 35 now.

You might also have noticed that both Nicole and I have been working hard, publishing a few more Tada! posts about our recent (and less recent) makes; namely these:

Tada! Katy’s Dreamcatchers
Tada! Katy’s Ribbed Cowl
Tada! Katy’s Split-Brim Toddler Hat
Tada! Nicole’s Jake The Dog Amigurumi
Tada! Katy’s Snowcapped Hat

Although sometimes this process feels a little tiresome, I do think it’s lovely to have all of our posts to look back on. I have visions of a huge year-end retrospective gallery of our year in yarn, come December!

One more thing before I sign off – I bought cushion pads for my hibernating projects; one Sunburst Cotton Granny Cushion and one sewing experiment in Liberty fabric. I don’t think that the crochet cushion warrants a Tada post, since I made it so many years ago and all I’ve done to it this week is shove a cushion pad into it. But here’s a little look at it, in all its gappy, obviously-made-up-and-just bodged-together-but that’s-fine glory:





This week has been interesting on the creating front. I’ve got four projects currently on the go and I’ve been trying to figure out how to prioritise them and GET THEM DONE. That’s in capitals as I need to remind myself that its not just the process that brings me joy but having the finished object to admire and share gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I need to chase that feeling more! So here is a bit of an update on the two projects I was working on before.


Firstly the Granny Ripple Blanket – I’ve managed a couple more rows and I’m working hard to keep momentum on it. Which is difficult as it is at least 5ft wide. When it is done though it will be a fantastic snuggly blanket that will live on the sofa. I’ve made a goal to finish one stripe a week day, which should be easy enough but we know how these things go!


As for the Hermione’s Everyday Socks I have reached the heelflap! Once that and the gusset are completed it won’t be long to the toe decreases. I had followed the instructions to do 18 pattern repeats on the leg and was expecting to do a similar length to the foot. However I have short stumpy feet so it didn’t take nearly as long! This has resulted in the sock being quite high up on my leg which I love, makes them feel extra warm for some reason. I’m hoping to finish these by the end of the month and as I’m so far that should not be a problem at all!

I have also started two new projects this week, both crochet interestingly. The first is Finn the Human, Jake’s companion. After last week when I couldn’t find the correct crochet hook I ended up running out to buy one as I didn’t want to leave it too long before completing my Adventure Time set. I’ve finished his face and I’m working on his hat/body. I have to buy safety eyes and hadn’t realised, I have never used them before so quite looking forward to trying something different. I think I have to use them before finishing the body but can easily work on other bits of him until they arrive.

The second project is a new blanket idea I have had and are the test pieces for that. I’m VERY EXCITED about this one, it’s the first crochet blanket that I’m “designing” and is making more use of maths than I had anticipated. Nevertheless I’m having fun trying out the ideas in my head on some stash yarn. These aren’t the colours I have planned for it but aren’t looking too bad. Discussions with Katy have lead to some interesting ideas and I think that Katy might test crochet it but using a different aesthetic, more on this as it develops!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 17

  1. Wren Diamond says:

    Oh man… after living between two countries, the number of WIPs I have is out of control. 😩 How good is it to look back on old projects though! In the new year, after a six month blog hiatus, I had a browse back though my posts and it was such a good feeling to see what I’d made the previous year. Not to mention peek at how tiny my babe used to be. I’d better go dig out some of my WIPs and turn them into Tada! moments, thanks for the inspiration girls.


    • Nicole says:

      It certainly is easy to lose track of projects when moving, I still have wips hidden deep in storage at my Mum’s house which I moved out of ten years ago!

      But it is a new year, perfect for tying up loose ends and to start new things!

      Liked by 1 person

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