Tada! Katy’s Snowcapped Hat

I’m going back a fair few weeks with this one, but I am keen to keep a record/share with you all of my makes, so here’s my Snowcapped Hat.


Although it didn’t take long really, I am relieved that this project is finished. I crocheted it first time around, and the resulting fabric was so dense I knew I’d never be happy with it. I wore it once and decided it definitely wasn’t right, so I frogged it. Not easy with alpaca yarn, let me tell you!


The original, crocheted version. Nice, but so stodgy!

So with a bit of swearing patience and lots of tiny fluff-yarn-bits all over the place, I rewound back to the beginning. Hook down, needles up. This hat needed to be knit.

It didn’t take long, thankfully. The yarn – mostly Drops Andes – is super chunky, and I was using 9mm needles (these Addi ones).

The blues are Drops (Royal Blue, and Light Greyish Green), but the creamy white yarn is Devon Sun Yarns pure alpaca, and let me tell you, it is the most fabulously soft yarn I’ve ever felt. It is a heavenly kitten-belly cloud made of dreams. No hyperbole here! (Well, hardly any.) If you ever catch Daisy listing any of this for sale, I urge you to buy it. I must admit I felt rather guilty using it on the crown of a hat, where I couldn’t really feel its softness (on account of having hair there). But I’ve got quite a good amount of it left, which I am hoarding, because no project will ever be good enough. You know how it is.

I didn’t use a pattern as such, but I utilised the skills I learned by making hats with Heather Tucker’s basic baby hat pattern. Bit of ribbing then crack on knitting until the crown. I attempted a bit of colour work here, not sure exactly what to call it! I did a zig zag pattern in the transition from Light Greyish Green to White.


My only real mistake was to use the same size needles for the entire project – the ribbed brim has turned out a bit too baggy; it could’ve done with smaller needles to gather it in slightly. But, with a bit of elastic threaded round, the hat fits me just fine!



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