Tada! Katy’s Not-Convertible Mitts

I have to be honest. I’m glad this particular project is over!

Shortly after Christmas – not the Christmas just gone, mind you; the one before! -I decided to make something from a mini-skein I’d dyed with Wilton gels during a fun day of experimenting. That’s the yellow-green-blue variegated yarn. The teal-y blue is Stylecraft Special DK in Empire.


I decided, for a change, to make something from a pattern. I have a few crochet pattern books knocking around, so I had a look through and found something I liked the look of: Converter Mitts; in the book, “Easy Crochet: Weekend” by Nicki Trench.


I am notorious for half-following a pattern; blithely altering bits here and there as I see fit. I used to feel ashamed that I “couldn’t” follow a pattern properly, but the more I think about it, the gladder I am that I am well-practiced in creative solution-making. That’s how I’m going to view it.


Well, these mittens have one of those button-down flaps, and even though I frogged, reworked, reattached; I just couldn’t get them to sit right. They look lovely in the above pic, but in reality they were just awkward and clunky; too tight but looked enormous. Now, I’m not saying it’s the fault of the pattern. Remember that I rarely follow a pattern without making some mistake adjustment. So it’s probably not you, Nicki Trench, it’s me.

As I grew more and more frustrated, my sweet 6yo (who was my sweet 5yo at the time) expressed a liking for the mittens, and when he had tried them on, he begged for me to give them to him instead. By this point I knew I’d never have a happy relationship with these mitts, but the boy adored them. It made sense for him to have them! I asked if he wanted them fingerless, or “proper mittens”. Proper mittens. OK.


So I got rid of the flaps! And, making it up entirely as I went along, I added an end, a thumb, and a string to each mitten, and secured them both into his winter coat.


They’re not perfect, by any means. But he’s gone off to school, aglow with the delight of a hand-made something from his mum. (I would be so pleased if this response lasts well into his teenage years, though I don’t hold out too much hope!)

Until next time!



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