Tada! Katy’s Split-Brim Toddler Hat

Another day, another Tada! post here at Kaleidoscope City!


I made this sweet little hat in the space of a single day (*brag*). It was a birthday gift for my friend’s daughter.

It’s made in Drops Andes yarn – I’ve used this yarn a fair few times recently. It’s super chunky; 35% alpaca, 65% wool; and is lovely, soft and springy. I used two shades: Minty Rose Mix (4276) and Blue/Purple (4301).


The pattern is Split Brim Toddler Hat by Sheepy Shenanigans. I found it for free on Ravelry. It was easy to follow, and looks really effective; but I did find that for it to fit a 2-3 year old, I needed to size up by casting on an extra 6 stitches (have a look at my Ravelry project page for more details).


As you can see, I blocked this hat using a balloon. I misted it all over with water, then simply left it to dry. Easy peasy.

I’m a huge fan of this hat, so any future baby friends will be pretty much guaranteed to get one! It was just so quick, but it’s soft, cosy, and looks adorable. Definitely a win!




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