Tada! Katy’s Ribbed Cowl

Hi! Ugh, we’re having quite the cold snap here lately. I say “ugh;” though actually, I’ve made my peace with staying indoors under a blanket.

These guys don’t mind, either

I’ll get to the point. This is the second in an oncoming glut of Tada! posts; because Christmas just took up all of my time and I’m playing catch-up. This time, I write about my Ribbed Cowl. I’m so pleased with it!

Our story begins in November of last year; in a high-street fashion chain store. I tried on a ribbed cowl and thought, “I like this.” But, being a few weeks before Christmas, I decided not to buy it. It made more sense to finally use some of the lovely yarn that I hoard, and make one.

I had a look on Ravelry for a pattern, but didn’t find anything quite the same as the shop-cowl; so I bravely (!) armed myself with a set of 5mm circular needles and hatched a plan. I caked 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted merino yarn  that I impulse-bought after having a squidge of Nicole’s Garter Ear Flap Hat. It’s so soft! I highly recommend it. The colourway I had chosen is called “Water Green” and it’s a soft, blue-y tinged pastel green. I’d describe it as a semi-solid; as you can see, there is some tonal variation through the yarn.


The dimensions of the shop-cowl were available on their website, so I used those to approximately size my own cowl. Length 50cm, circumference 65cm. Easy! All I had to count was my initial cast on to ensure it was an even number, to accomodate the 1×1 rib pattern I planned to use.

If you look at the edge of the cowl, you will see that I started off with several rows (I didn’t count! Maybe 6 or 7?) of knit, which on circulars becomes stockinette on the one side, and garter on the other. It’s curled up on itself to show off the garter side.


I then worked the 1×1 rib until the cowl was about 50cm long; then finished off with a few more rows of knit to match the cast-on edge. I bound off using a very basic method I found on YouTube, but even as I worked it I was thinking, “this could stand to be a little stretchier…” Thankfully (for I am a novice knitter and new techniques give me the fear), the bind-off edge is plenty wide enough for me to stick my head through. I’m quite glad that one end is wider than the other, in fact, since it gives the cowl a decent shape when worn.

I am utterly delighted with the finished item, and I have worn it almost every day!  A successful project, indeed.





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