Tada! Katy’s Dreamcatchers

Ah, the dreamcatchers! These were fun to make. Apologies for the lateness of this Tada post; you know how life can be!

The first dreamcatcher (below; left) was made as a gift for a Christmas Craft Swap coordinated by Set Free My Gypsy Soul and Quirky Crochet. It went to Tigs at @tigerlilylife. The other (right) was a commission by a friend for her daughter’s bedroom makeover.

For both dreamcatchers I used Sophie’s Mandala pattern, by Dedri over at Look At What I Made. I have to say, it’s a superb pattern. I was a little apprehensive, worrying it would be as complicated as it looks; but I was happy to find that I sailed through it. It looks so effective – especially the surface crochet detail. Thumbs up from me! As the pattern grows, each section has a different name. Mandala, Garden, World, then Universe, I believe. I stopped somewhere in the “Garden” section of the pattern. It differed slightly on each dreamcatcher due to the thickness of the yarn I used. (I used cotton yarn (a variety of brands that I had to hand); it gives such lovely stitch definition in intricate work such as this.)

***Oh, I should say, on the white dreamcatcher, I did adjust the pattern slightly as the customer requested a more “open” look. I’m afraid I didn’t keep track of the amendments that I made.***

If you’re wondering what kind of hoop I used, here’s the link for it:

Knorr Prandell White Metal 3mm Wire Craft Ring on eBay. It wasn’t expensive at all; only £1.79 for the 25cm size.



So, here’s what I did:

  • Follow Sophie’s Mandala/Garden patterns until work *almost* matches the diameter of the hoop. You want to leave it a bit smaller, so that it stretches to fit. It doesn’t look so effective when it’s baggy, IMO.
  • Weave in ends.
  • Work the final round over the hoop in DC (UK terms).
  • Attach many ribbons, plaited strands of yarn, ric-rac etc to the bottom section of the hoop; and a loop to hang at the top.

Easy peasy, and so effective!



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