Tada! Nicole’s Vampire Queen Stripy Socks


They are finally done! I finished them quite a while ago really and every day Olly would ask to wear them. However I wouldn’t let him until they had been properly blocked and dried for proper photos. Which is a bit mean really. I don’t even have sock blockers, well ones of his size at least, so who knew when that would be. I ended up fudging them onto the size I did have which I would imagine are very small at best. Not ideal for a man with size 11 feet!


The yarn is Gynx Yarn Glitz sock in the Vampire Queen colourway. It is perhaps a bit sparkly for the average man, but luckily that didn’t bother Olly and he was won over by the fact that they were Adventure Time themed. They end a few inches above his ankle and by some miracle, I managed to match the stripes fairly evenly. I used the mens formula from Susan B Anderson which is a fantastically easy to follow guide to knitting vanilla socks, perfect for self striping sock yarns. Do check out my Ravelry project page for more information.


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