Tada! Nicole’s Who? Hat

Sometime in October, one of my colleagues tagged me in a post which featured this pattern. I filed it away in the “potential things to make” part of my mind and went about my day. Roll forward to mid December, I’m thinking if there are any things a friend of mine would enjoy when this pattern springs back up. This person loves birds, so a hat with birds on, surely a winner?


Obviously being a facebook post, it linked to something that was 100% not the thing in the title. So I ended up doing some Ravelry sleuthing and found the pattern here. I used some stashed Cascade 220 in Mineral Blue which is such a pretty colour, one of my faves. This pattern is fairly simple, just three cable rows to make a really effective owl textured pattern, and a very quick knit.

I blocked this hat, like the others, over a balloon. It worked out okay, but I feel a different method would have worked out better. It tends to stretch out the body of the hat rather than the crown so ends up looking more like a sideways C than an upside down U which is my preferred shape. I also decided to only add button eyes to one of the owls, fixing with black embroidery floss for pupils. That hat was loved upon opening, which is always a lovely feeling when you make a present for some one!




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