Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; Ep 14

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


So that was a bit of an unexpected hiatus. The last two weeks of the year always seem like a bit of a blur, making sure that every gift is finished and wrapped and seeing family. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I work two jobs in retail, in the evenings and weekends when my husband isn’t working so we can fully share the childcare aspect of parenting so you can imagine how hectic life can get! One of my personal goals this year is to build better routines around the boring stuff so I can make sure the fun stuff gets equal attention, we shall see how that pans out though!

As far as works in progress, I have two that are my main focus at the moment.


Ah yes, this guy! I had really hoped to finish Jake for Christmas, and to be quite honest I probably could have done, with a little bit more effort. As you can see I have pretty much all the component pieces finished, it’s just the tail that is missing. I can’t for the life of me figure it out though, so I’m half tempted to make a tiny I-Cord tail as it’s such a small part.  Once that’s done its just a case of sewing all the bits together. Easy right? I will have finished him in time for the Animakealong that Candace and Kemper are hosting, and then I plan to crack on with the matching Finn!



This is my other project, it was my New Years Day cast on.

I’m making these using madeleinetosh Tosh sock in the Turquoise colour way. This yarn has been in my stash since my honeymoon in 2013! I bought it in Ronni Wools in Toronto which is possibly the very definition of the word “Yarnia” if it were a real word. There was so much yarn, I could have spent hours upon hours getting lost in there and I hope to go back one day. 

I’m using Erica Lueder’s Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern which is a beautiful textured sock. I cast on the 64 stitch size and I probably could have gone down a size, but it’s not a big deal if they are big as they’ll mostly be a bed sock. I didn’t realise but Tosh Sock doesn’t contain any nylon so might not be as hardwearing as you might expect from an everyday sock! 

I’m finding the pattern easy enough to follow, it is a simple repeat. The dark colour is playing havoc with my mind though as I can’t decide if the texture is lost in the tonal variations. Some times I look and see the pattern, other times I think it might have been better suited to a lace sock. I’m going to continue on though as I think in the end it will be fine. These were originally cast on as part of Casey Maura‘s Stash Socks Kal but have actually morphed into something more which I will mention in another post. They’re a good start to the year at any rate I feel though!


Well, long time no see!

As Nicole said, the past few weeks have been pretty crazy. My eldest turned six shortly before Christmas, so we get added birthday excitement in this house, on top of the usual festive madness! It was completely wonderful though. My partner booked a good chunk of time off work, and with him home, I found it a little easier to carve out time to crochet and knit. That’s in between all the playing, gift buying, gift wrapping, cooking, visiting family, eating myself into a stupor and just generally making merry…

During our festive hiatus from the blog, I have completed one knitting project, one crochet project and have almost finished another knit item too!

Here’s my knitting success: my Ribbed Cowl.


I hope you can imagine from the photographs just how warm and soft it is! I’m so delighted with it and wear it every day. Such a simple knit, but the Malabrigo Worsted yarn makes it a luxury item. More details on my Tada! post (coming soon!), or on my Ravelry project page.

The crochet project I completed has no evidence whatsoever. I made it so fast that I just didn’t take any photographs, and it’s already gone to its new home. Fortunately, it’s extremely similar to a previous project. Remember the Stepping Texture Hat I made for Baby A? Well, the worry that I may have made it too small has haunted me since I handed it over back in October, so I secretly made a new, bigger version over the Christmas break. It’s pretty much identical, just bigger! Should fit him for the next couple of years. Here’s a reminder of the hat in question:


And finally, my ongoing knit WIP is a chunky hat for my partner. He requested it, and left the yarn/colour considerations to me. Fun! Knowing his usual colour choices in clothing, I erred on the side of caution with a sensible blue-toned grey: Wendy Merino Chunky in the Soot colourway.


Actual colour


After aggressive use of Instagram filters

He was very pleased, proclaiming that it was the same colour as his favourite t-shirt; so I think I made a good and appropriate choice for him! For more pattern details, pop over to my Ravelry page for this project.

Now, none of these were former WIPs, of course – apparently I have a problem with my craft attention span – so I feel that since it’s a fresh shiny new year I should take stock of my WIP collection once more.

Here’s an update of my original WIP list from the dawn of the Kaleidoscope City blog!

Pixel Scrappy Blanket: status unchanged
Sunburst Caravan Blanket: getting there, but not finished
Offensively Bright Granny Cushion: completed!
Sunburst Cotton Granny Cushion: status unchanged
Lime and Sage Pram Blanket: status unchanged
Groot Amigurumi: status unchanged
Convertible Mitts: status unchanged
Two at a Time Socks: status unchanged

Oops. I do wonder, if I made proper project pages on Ravelry for all of these items, if it might remind me/spur me on to get them completed. In fact, I’m going to set myself a goal. By the end of January, each WIP will have a dedicated Ravelry page, and I will have completed at least one of the projects on this list.

So if anyone sees me starting something new, give me a kick on the shin.


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