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Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; Ep 13


Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


Nicole's Secret Present | Kaleidoscope City |

This week I have another secret gift knit on the needles so the above picture is all you’re getting I’m afraid! I am so tempted to keep this one for myself. I’m almost halfway through and with every row I fall more in love with it. Which is a good sign, if I love it that much then I’m sure other people will too. I am using stashed Malabrigo Worsted for this project and I am weighing the cakes and project to see if I might have enough yarn left over to make myself the same. So far so good, I’m fairly confident on that front!


I have also been working on replacement Not So Neon Love mitts. Much to my shame, these were a present for my Mother-in-Law maybe two years ago? They might even be three years old… Anyway, the originals started falling apart and I said I would fix them but instead put them in my stored stash and put it off for various reasons. When I actually looked at them, I saw that the yarn hadn’t woven in as well as I had thought and had been cut too short. Luckily I still have plenty of the yarn in my stash and decided to just remake them. That is my progress.

I haven’t made it much further on Jake either. His face is still pinned in place as per last week and I’ve made a start on his legs. I’m not excited about the sewing him together bit, I worry about not doing it strongly enough. I’m sure there is information out there about doing it nicely and strongly, there is a YouTube tutorial for everything right? I’ve only got to finish the two legs and tail before starting the sewing. I suppose I could get him finished in time for Christmas, I just need to manage my time and utilise naptime more efficiently! That’s easier said than done as any parent of a toddler can tell you!


Evening! I have a confession to make. I thought it was Tuesday. I mean, I knew it was Wednesday. I didn’t forget my kid had gardening club after school. I didn’t forget to sort the recycling out for Thursday which is tomorrow. But when I thought about what to write in this weeks’ WIP post, somehow my brain calculated that I could leave it until tomorrow, Wednesday; so no rush! So, here I am, not rushing (but actually a bit rushing). It’s just as well I haven’t done much crochet this week, eh?!

I finished up the chunky ribbed pompom hat commission. I didn’t make a Ravelry project page for this or anything; it all happened so fast! My brother, who commissioned it for a Secret Santa gift, has expressed pleased feelings and gratitude re: hat, so all good there. Here it is:

IMG_9053 (3).JPG

Scuse that joining seam there, I took photos in a hurry and didn’t notice it glaring me in the face…

This hat is made with Stylecraft Special Chunky in Teal, worked on an 8mm hook (5.5mm for the rib). I mentioned before about budget being a factor – I reckon this hat would feel quite special in a luxury yarn. The rib pattern gives it a nice stretch that sometimes crochet work can lack. And the pompom: well, fur pompoms and I are having a bit of a moment just now. I am a fan!

IMG_9051 (2).JPG

My other WIP this week is the Caravan Granny Square Blanket. I’ve worked a few rows of border, and intend to keep going with it to make the whole thing slightly bigger. I didn’t block the squares so it’s a little frilly. I was too eager to join it! But I don’t mind at all; I’m pleased with how it’s coming along. Just nobody mention all the ends that need weaving in, ok? Ok. I’ll leave you with a few photos of how it looks now.

IMG_9061.JPGIMG_9065 (2).JPGimg_9060-2


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