Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 11

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


Just a quick hello from me today as I’ve not much to report! I finished that super-girly mandala dreamcatcher commission. It was almost done last week, but here it is in fully embellished glory:

And I started joining my Caravan Granny Blanket! I’m most pleased with it. It’s my first time using the join-as-you-go method and I LOVE IT. It’s even motivated me to start joining my other granny square blanket WIP. Two blankets by Christmas, you say?!

Apologies for the poor quality phone picture and kid debris; I missed my daylight photography window today, so am using a pic from the weekend. Tim the cat looks on (in approval, of course).








This week has been a week of hats. I finished the Wickerwork Hat 2.0 on Monday and almost immediately cast on another hat. This is the Easy Ombre Slouch Hat and it’s knit in stashed Cascade 220. It is a gift knit for my brother who I’m pretty confident isn’t even aware of this blog but I’m not going to show a full on pic just in case. I did knit him a hat last year, a colourwork one using the same blue, but it was a bit of a joke hat and featured reindeer in a rather compromising position. This year I suggested I might make him another hat, he didn’t think I could as I’m notorious for unfinished gift knits. This conversation was on Friday, I’m fairly certain I’ll have finished this hat before this is even posted. I tried holding both colours in my left hand and read up a little on colour dominance which I think has made this my most succesful stranded project yet. I might even have it finished in time to include it Katie of Inside Number 23 2016 Colourwork Kal, but we shall see.



I also decided to dig out Jake from his hibernation in preparation for the animakealong Candace and Kemper are hosting. I don’t think I can include him as he is a wip, but I feel like I would like to finish Jake before starting Finn. All the yarns are ready to go I just need to crack on with him. I did take this to Germany with me, but all I ended up crocheting was the black circle and I struggled with that. Black yarn on a small hook in dim evening light, not a winning combination for crochet happiness that is for sure!

My aim is to finish Jake and Finn by Christmas for my daughter but we shall see. I haven’t decided if I’m going to attempt any more gift knits at this point however if I think of something or someone that is particularly gift knitworthy I might give it a shot!


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