Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep.10

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.

Episode 10. Ten! This feels like quite an occasion. Neither of us are known for our love of routine, so to have managed ten consecutive weeks of Doing A Planned Thing (and both of us in sync!) is significant indeed. Thanks for sticking around!


This week, I completed the Warm Tweedy Hat and got it sent off to its intended. I forgot to take a final photo before it went, but the customer chose to have a matching yarn pompom rather than the fur one you might have seen in last week’s WIP post. I’ve stashed it for Future Projects. I may have picked up a few additional pompoms on my last trip into town. They look so lovely paired with chunky knit or crochet that I found it hard to resist!


Left 4 are from Poundland (£1 each); right 2 from Primark (£2 each)



I started (and am about to complete) a second mandala dreamcatcher. This is a commission; designed to fit in with a little girl’s impending bedroom makeover. Cream and sugary pink, with a little spearmint and magenta for good measure. Very sweet indeed, if I say so myself!


Just got to finish up the embellishments and it’s good to go!

I’ve kept on keeping on with those Caravan Granny Squares. They’re not far off being ready to join, and I think I’d like to work out the join-as-you-go method at long last.


Six weeks ago…


…and now. Spot the difference!

Although there are still ALL of the ends to be woven in, I want this blanket finished by Christmas. It would be gratifying to check off at least one item from my original WIP list before the year is out.



Nicole's Vampire Queen Stripy Socks | Kaleidoscope City | www.kaleidoscopecity.wordpress.com/blog

I finished the Vampire Queen Stripy Socks!

I haven’t blocked them yet or taken fancy photos of my husband wearing them so there is no Tada post as yet. I didn’t feel that a WIP Wednesday post was complete without mentioning them as they were one of my original wips when we first started this blog feature. I also finished my first Wickerwork Hat. I say first because…


That’s right, meet Wickerwork Hat 2.0. I assure you that is the same hat in both pictures… A combination of parenting a small child and night time picture taking meant that I rushed the photography and was just desperate to get some taken. I promise I’ll try harder next week. I would say that the first picture is truer to life in terms of shade but the blue green colour is a bit lost. For reference the yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in Lake Chelan Heather. It is beautiful! I really enjoy using Cascade 220 in my hat making endeavours, it has great stitch definition, comes in many colours and is relatively cheap. Some patterns I can even get two hats out of one skein. Not this pattern though, I’m about 10 grams off based on my last hat knit in this pattern.

This hat is a gift for my mother, I’m fairly safe mentioning that as I don’t believe she reads this blog or even has an instagram! I think I’m going to write a Christmas Present Tada post after all the gifts have been given. That way I can keep a sense of mystery and actually spend my time making the presents. I don’t have any plans for more than a couple of hats, but we’ll see how the mood takes me over the next few of weeks!


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