Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 9

– Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


I have been crazy busy making stuff this week! Too busy to finish any existing WIPs, naturally. I remain ever hopeful that over the coming weeks of Indoor Weather, I may actually finish some of those makes that I listed in our very first WIP Roll Call; but making new things (commissions; Christmas; and plain faffing about) is just too exciting right now.

As threatened, I frogged my Snowcapped Hat and knit it up instead. I abandoned the plan to include mustard, as I’m a little bit in love with the blue ombre/mountain thing it has going on! The finishing touch was a faux fur pompom which began life as a keyring from Poundland. I’m delighted with the finished item. A Tada! post is in the works.

Another hat project presented itself to me this week. I crocheted this textured red and orange tweed hat as a commission – see below. Word’s still out on the pompom, but I think it looks cool! Actually, this is the second version of this hat. I’m either a meticulous perfectionist, or frustratingly indecisive. The latter, I think!

I wasn’t pleased with it the first time around – it was a bit too “holey”. So I reworked it, making a ribbed pattern with the occasional subtle horizontal ridge, worked randomly because I wanted to avoid too much of a waffle pattern. I like this new version better!

I also finished my two Colour Pop Craft Swap projects, and they’ve been posted off now. I’ll make a Tada! post about those, too. Here’s a look at one of them (my favourite!): a mandala/dreamcatcher hybrid, in the favourite colours of my Craft Swap partner.


I did out-and-about crafting too – we met for Harbour Crochet this week, and I spent the session knitting my Snowcapped Hat (I like to be contrary!). Then, early on Sunday morning I hauled myself out of my cosy bed, and walked down to the seafront. The marvellous Di, of Purl Queens Yarn Installations (Folkestone’s premier yarnbomb-organiser) raised a call to arms to help install over one thousand new poppies along the Road of Remembrance. We, a cheerful band of crafters, only slightly bleary at 8am and armed with cable ties, managed to get 1300 poppies secured to the railings overlooking the English Channel in a little over an hour.




This week saw the beginning of gift knitting. Mostly because if I had another week where I only shared the Vampire Queen Stripy Socks in this post (spoiler alert – they’re not finished, please see below) I might have to reconsider the validity of of a weekly wip post!

As this is a gift knit, I’m not going to share a full on picture. I’m fairly sure the recipient won’t read this but I can’t be too careful. It is the Wickerwork Hat from ballstothewallsknits. The pattern is perfect. It has just enough texture to stay interesting but not be too complicated to knit. Part of me wants to keep this hat for myself, but I might be lucky and have enough yarn left over to make a second. I should be finished tonight depending on how bedtime goes.


As previously mentioned, these socks are still on the needles. I have managed to knit maybe two stripes since last week? Which is a part of the beauty of self striping yarn, I can measure progress by colour repeats and comparing the second sock to the first. I’m tempted to take them with me to my daughters swimming lessons. I usually go in the pool with her but we’ve been switching things up so my husband does instead, I’m still there but sat outside the pool which can be a bit boring.

I have a couple more gift knits to start and am yet to work on any of my crochet wips. I feel like I’m constantly fighting against time recently, must be the changing of the seasons and rushing against the light. Fingers crossed I manage to find time to breathe and make this week!




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