Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call; ep. 8

Firstly, let us both say a huge THANK YOU to all our new followers, both here and on Instagram! In the last week we have received such fantastic feedback on everything that we’ve posted. It is such an odd feeling putting part of yourself *out there*, completely on show for all to see. Will people like your style? Are your projects well made enough to warrant such fanfare? Can you keep up momentum? Well, thanks to all the delightful comments, we’re both feeling more confident and looking forward to all the secrets yet to share. Please stick around, things are only going to get more exciting. Now, onto our WIPs.



Vampire Queen Stripy Socks | Kaleidoscope City | www.kaleidoscopecity.wordpress.com/blog

Surprise! I’m still working on the Vampire Queen Stripy Socks!

I hoped to be a lot further on these, in fact I was hoping to be finished! My plan last night was to stay up knitting watching the BBC coverage of the US election as the results came in. I figured that would be perfect knitting background. Thankfully I fell asleep and woke up to the most unreal news, rather than staying up and being unable to sleep ever again!


To be fair, I managed to work on these socks quite a bit last week thanks to my nasty chest infection. I’m not a crazily fast knitter, at least I have no one to really compare myself to, but I have managed to turn the heel and finish the gusset decreases. For the most part I’ve managed to line up the stripes on each foot which I’m pretty proud of. Saying that though, one sock seems to be slightly larger than the other but fingers crossed that comes out in the blocking!

I had originally decided that I wasn’t going to let Olly (my husband, I can’t remember if I’ve named him before) try them on before they were both finished, but I panicked. He’s got pretty big feet, a UK size 11, and looking at the socks I couldn’t imagine them fitting without his toes curling up. So, in order to prevent the eventual heartache that would ensue if these socks didn’t fit, I made him try the finished one on. It was a perfect fit!

Hopefully I shall have a TaDa! post about these before next Wednesday, but clearly time will tell. I might have to start thinking about other projects soon, being so monogamous doesn’t really make for good wip posts! I have a couple of Christmas presents planned which I may or may not post about, I am undecided if the recipients will be likely to see them pre-gifting. I might have to do some sleuthing!





So I made this hat.

I had some super chunky alpaca: Drops Andes, and some Devon Sun Yarns super chunky alpaca (I think it’s undyed. It’s the softest thing in all the world).

And a vision.

I wanted to make myself a bobble hat. I had an image in my mind of a gorgeous squidgy bobble hat in navy, cream and mustard yellow (we’ll come to the yellow in a moment).

I used the same Stepping Texture Hat pattern that I used on that baby hat a few weeks ago. Again, I adapted it slightly to suit my needs.

Alas. It’s so thick and stodgy that it just stands up by itself. No stretch. It’s more “tea cosy” than hat. Also, I didn’t add in the yellow that I had initially wanted to (I was imagining yellow little “flecks” like small stockinette stitches throughout the hat).

I decided to wear it for a day on Monday and then reassess how I felt. To be honest, while there are aspects of it I am fond of (the colours work pretty well, I think, and I like the way the crown looks vaguely snowflake-y), on the whole it does not bring me joy. I’m considering frogging and attempting a knit version, but apathy may win out. It is a hat, and a warm one too…

And that’s all I’ve made this week. I’m still buzzing from the success of the Bauble Pattern, though, and plotting my next photo tutorial. All in good time!


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