Nicole’s Holiday Acquisitions (and sneaky project update)

I don’t know about you, but when I go to far off places I like to visit yarn shops. Often the selection widely varies from what I’m used to and I love the idea of having yarn in my stash that has a history. I have yarn from Canada that I bought whilst on honeymoon that is just waiting for the right moment/project. When they do get used the project will always remind me of where I was when I bought the yarn.

So of course when I went to Germany last week, finding yarn was high on my agenda.

My grandma lives in a sleepy little town that, while beautiful, is very quiet. There is one sewing shop there however and every supermarket seemed to stock sock yarn of varying quality. We didn’t explore the surrounding area greatly either, so I imagine I would have found more had we ventured further towards the more built up areas.

It wasn’t all for nothing though, I managed to find a couple of things that took my fancy.
In the sewing shop there was a wide variety of yarns. There were a few that caught my eye, but not that I could imagine making a full project with. I have a bit of a desire to make a sweater, but with no pattern in mind and limited suitcase space it seemed a bit foolish to commit to yarn in such a quantity. Sock yarn seemed to suit my need to buy yarn without being too absurd and I chose this beautiful Kaffe Fasset Self Striping yarn. The colours really appealed to me and I thought they would make fantastic socks or perhaps a nice pair of mittens.

In another store, a chain that sold mostly clothes and limited housewares, I found these balls of yarn. I have absolutely no idea what to use these for as of yet, they also aren’t my usual style of wool. A slightly plastic looking shiny yarn is generally the type of thing I avoid, however the colours won me over and it is incredibly soft. You can somewhat see a bit of a halo at the edge of the yarn.


I really intended to post this last week, but since I was sick I missed it and also the WIP post. Seeing as my projects were also holiday related I figured I’d add them in here! They’re related right? If you saw my instagram post, and I think Katy included it on the WIP post while I was away, I packed two projects, the materials for a third and a book.  One of the projects was the Jake Amigurumi however I didn’t really feel like working on it. I guess because the momentum of the socks I took kept me going!



I finished one sock! They are incredibly awkward to photograph though so sorry about that!  I finished it the second night I was there and then cast on the second straight away. After that I didn’t actually get much more done whilst away but I have since. I won’t show you anymore because I’ll either finish it (wishful thinking) or will need something for this Wednesday!

It’s nice to be back though, I never intended to be away for so long! But I’m feeling better and ready for what’s yet to come!


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