Weekly WIP Wednesday Roll Call; ep.7


Evening! It’s just me tonight; Nicole’s feeling poorly and I’ve insisted that she go and rest. She’s fine, she says, except for the throat made of fire and knives, so yeah. She’ll be back soon!

It’s been a busy week here for me, and not all of it yarn related. My boys were off school last week for half term, and then this week has seen a flurry of activity (namely: frantic house recalibration on Monday while everyone was at school/preschool; hanging out with my 3yo the past two days; and of course, settling back into our term-time routine of school runs, park visits, and after school clubs).

Don’t let the book fool you. Sugar riddled loons

I have been busy with crochet as well, naturally. Remember my Stepping Texture Baby Hat? Well. As I mentioned in my Tada! post, it was a little snug the first time around, so I spent some time over the weekend ripping back to a point before the crown decrease; adding another 1.5 inches or so; and then decreasing again and reattaching the pom pom. I’m pleased to report that it does fit Baby A now, although in truth I wish I’d made it a little oversized, because I want my friend to have her money’s worth. Fingers crossed it’ll stretch out a little with wear.

Snugger than bugs

I’ve been working away on my Colour Pop Craft Swap projects; my alpaca mystery item in particular. I’m nearly done; just some ends to weave in and a new pom pom to make. I tried to make a tassel and brush it (with a hairbrush for cats okay don’t judge me). I like the effect but all the yarn strands broke really short! Stubby fluff wasn’t the idea, so I’m going to try again.

I’m looking forward to not having to be so cryptic about this project soon. Just a little longer…

Cryptic alpaca mystery project

For the past couple of days, I’ve been writing up our Crochet Bauble Pattern photo tutorial! I think out of all my WIPs this week, I’m most excited about this one. Here’s a sneak at one of the progress shots:

IMG_8684 (2).JPG

Hold onto your hats. The pattern will be live in the next FEW DAYS. Can’t wait!



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