Tada! Katy’s Stepping Texture Baby Hat

I am really pleased with this one!

Here’s the link to my Ravelry project page for this hat.

Baby A’s mum came to me and asked me to make a hat with earflaps and a pom pom. She was totally open to suggestions on design, and initially she mentioned she wanted it to be super colourful, and pointed out a hat I’d made in the past from hand dyed yarn (Nicole and I had been experimenting with Wilton gels). I LOVE that she wanted to use hand dyed, and I showed her a bunch of options from some awesome dye artists I follow on social media. In the interest of giving a broad range of options (and in particular, a range of price points, because I know that the price of luxury yarn can take the uninitiated by surprise); I also presented some variegated commercially-produced yarns. She selected Riot DK in Magic (shade 404), by King Cole. You can buy this at many outlets – here’s a link to it at Wool Warehouse.


King Cole Riot DK in “Magic”

I initially started out knitting Baby A’s hat, because I love how soft and stretchy stockinette stitch feels (such sibilance!); but on my first attempt the colours hadn’t presented in the way I had hoped. It’s variegated yarn with quite a drawn-out repeat and this hat ended up with only greens and purples. A’s mum chose the yarn for its multicoloured properties, so i felt that it needed to include more (if not all) of them.
In hindsight, that first try came out too small, anyway. I’ve kept it to one side. I am quite fond of the colours that did present themselves (bright green through khaki through muted purple) so maybe it’ll become something else in the future.


Knitting in a field, as you do

After a bit of soul searching and harumphing, I decided that anything I could knit would be painfully simple, and if things went wrong I’d need another person (read: Nicole) to come help me… It just wasn’t practical. So I searched again on Ravelry for a crocheted-baby-size-hat-with-earflaps-in-DK-yarn pattern, but I still couldn’t find anything quite right. Something did catch my eye, though. I noticed this Stepping Texture Hat Pattern by Bernat Design Studio. bernat-softeechunky-c-texturedhat_medium2One might almost think that was knitted, mightn’t one? Turns out, the pattern was sized for adults; made with chunky yarn; and, of course, no earflaps. But since when did I ever stick to a pattern, anyway?


Off I set with my yarn and a 4.5mm hook. I won’t go into detail here about the myriad of adjustments I made; but if that’s your jam, check out the notes on my Ravelry project page. They are just my own notes so they might not be 100% helpful if you’re looking to emulate what I’ve made here, but hopefully they’ll give you the gist.

You’ll be wanting a closer look at the finished article, I suppose? Here we are, then.







You might notice that in that last photo, that the brim is folded up. I wanted to make sure the hat was adjustable, so that it might last a bit longer. I’m pleased to report that both Mum and Baby A seemed delighted with it! After I took these photos, it was tried for size. It was a little snug… I took it back and added about an extra 1.5 inches of height before decreasing for the crown. I’m still paranoid he’s going to immediately grow out of it. Anyone else get maker’s anxiety?

Well. All in all, I am thoroughly proud of this little hat. The texture is just what I’d hoped for – stretchy, and cosy, and thick/squashy despite not using a chunky yarn. Baby A’s mum loves it, and it looks adorable on A. Also, both of my sons asked if it was for them, and if they could try it on, so I think it has their approval too. What more could I wish for?



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