Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call, ep. 6

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


Nicole has gone on holiday! She is visiting family in Germany. I know she took projects, so we’ll hear all about them when she’s back. Here are her packing essentials:



This week I haven’t made a single bauble. Can you believe it?

It’s been SO GOOD to work on other projects, although none of them were pre-existing WIPS, so I’m no further along in my quest. (I don’t really mind!)



I’ve almost finished the Baby Hat for little A. I have used aspects of this Bernat pattern, but had to adjust the number of stitches because not only is it a pattern for adult sized hat, it also uses super bulky yarn, where I am using DK. I sure know how to make things difficult for myself…

I just really wanted a hat with a bit of texture, to show off the yarn. It wasn’t too tricky to adjust, thankfully. The next stage is to add earflaps with tassels, and also a pom pom up top! I’m aiming to complete it by Friday, when I will see baby A and his mama.

[EDIT: I totally finished it this afternoon. I’m SO pleased with it. Behold! Tada post is in the works.]


Another project I embarked on – nay, completed! – this week was this Mish-Mash Chunky Scarf. I made one similar last year for myself, and a friend took a shine to it. She requested one in a similar design, with similar colours, but all acrylic. (Mine is a smorgasbord of scrap yarn, including handspun, hand-dyed, wool, silk; you name it. It’s actually way too long and heavy, but good when it’s Proper Cold out.)

So here’s a side-by-side of my scarf (left) and its sister (right)! Alike in many ways, but each is truly unique. True to form, I did not follow a pattern for either of these; although I did use the chevron stitch pattern cited by Little Woollie in her Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket CAL.

A Tada! post will appear in due course for each of these projects. I feel quite accomplished this week! I get what Nicole means when she speaks of this “finished object high”.


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