Weekly Wednesday WIP roll call; ep. 5

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.



I’m still all about the bauble commissions over here! I finished the copper and white set (see above). On the latest set (top left of the gallery below), I’ve switched up my go-to pattern a little bit, and I’m really pleased with it. Double crochet rounds instead of trebles means I can fit more rounds (and therefore the potential for more colours, yay!). Although it takes a little longer to complete the pattern, I think it’s worth it.

Above: traditional; icy minty; and funky; as requested by a customer

I started another thing for my Colour Pop Craft Swap partner, too! I hope my partner is pleased with it. I’m kinda making this one up as I go (are you seeing a pattern – or lack of patterns, should I say?) But I’ll share more details in due course.


It’s very fluffy and very thick – super chunky alpaca! – and so far, I’m really happy with it! The only clue I can offer is that it is to be worn.

My friend (the one who wants a baby hat for her 3 month old) and I have been plotting together – I love this stage of a project! – and looking at different yarns with various price points. She’s decided to go for a variegated acrylic, King Cole Riot DK in “Magic” (shade 404). Her only specification in terms of pattern is that it be something nice. I do like a free rein.

King Cole Riot DK, shade 404. “Magic”

I’m planning to knit it using Heather Tucker‘s Basic Baby Hat pattern, and add a matching pom pom. Just got to wait for the yarn to arrive and I’m good to go!

The rest of the WIPs are hibernating. Well, it’s Properly Autumn now, so can’t blame them really.





Nicole's Vampire Queen Stripey Socks | Kaleidoscope City | kaleidoscopecity.wordpress.com


Since finishing the Garter Ear Flap hat, I have made quite a bit of progress on the Vampire Queen Stripey Socks. Well, on one of them at least!



I have finished the heel turn and the gusset decreasing, so you can clearly see there is a fair amount more sock than there was last week. Now it’s just the mindless stocking stitch to reach the toe. This should help me pass the time next week as I embark on several long train journeys to visit family in Germany!

I’m as yet undecided what other projects I’ll take with me. I know if I only take the socks I’ll get bored or (optimism alert) finish them. I might take the Jake amigurumi as he is fairly portable and would allow me to make the matching Finn for the aniMAKEalong Candace and Kemper are hosting. It doesn’t start until December but we shall see. I also have some stash yarns that I might pull out and start something with but I haven’t made my mind up yet. All of this, of course, hinges on how the week goes… Fingers crossed my daughter will be heavily entertained by my family leaving me a bit of breathing space to make stuff from a distance!



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