Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call, ep. 4


This weekend I spent an entire day at my mum’s house, so I took my sunburst granny blanket project with me. The boys were thoroughly well entertained – playing, building marble runs, making a cake with Grandma. So wholesome! I sat in a glorious heap drinking endless cups of tea and crocheting lazily.

And eating grapes like a total hedonist.

Here’s what I have: thirty five squares (to go in a 7 x 5 formation). I think that I want to make them a bit bigger, and a bit less yellow-heavy, so I guess I’ll do another round of maybe navy, magenta then more navy… I don’t know. I keep chopping and changing; they had a lime green round at one point! I’m planning to add a nice wide border around the whole thing, once joined.

IMG_8374.JPG‘Scuse trampoline leg.

It has been COLD here in Folkestone on the morning school runs. So cold, in fact, that I felt compelled to crochet myself an ear-warmer and pray that it didn’t mortify the 5 year old too much. I managed this in one evening using some mystery super chunky yarn I had in my stash, and a 10mm hook. I took instruction from Jess Coppom’s FREE Aspen Socialite pattern on Ravelry, but since I was using thicker yarn, and making it for my own head, and decided to forgo the button… it’s a little different from the original.


I REALLY like the colour (I’m going to call it biley olive) and the lovely texture, but it is a little bit stiff. I decided, then, to knit something similar, for a little more stretch and drape.


I had some pretty Devon Sun Yarns “Gleam” DK with no plans, so I cast on an improvised ear-warmer using that. The day after I cast on, my copper yarn arrived for the custom baubles I mentioned last week, so the knitting is on the back burner for now. Merino and silk blend, though! I am looking forward to somehow wearing this.

On the subject of knitting – motivated by Nicole’s sock knitting success, I had a rummage for my two-at-a-time socks, so that I might rip back and start again with some sock-specific yarn. Alas, they will not be found. But I’m feeling a sense of urgency for hand-knit socks, so hopefully this time next week I’ll have something to tell you on that front.

Before I go, here’s a sneaky peek at that copper yarn I mentioned! It’s perfect for its intended purpose. So festive.





I’m riding on that finished object high and instantly cast on a new project! I bought a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Pigeon last year in order to make a hat for my daughter. I didn’t have time (read: didn’t get my shit together) to make it for last winter but this year is the year.

And I am absolutely in love with it.

There are not enough heart eyes in the world to signify how I feel about this hat. It is Purl Soho‘s Garter Ear Flap hat and it is perfection. The short row ear flaps were a dream to knit up once I actually started paying attention and immediately the right amount of squishy to warm the most important ears in my life. Seriously, look at the texture of the garter stitch. I am close to the start of the crown decreasing so fingers crossed I’ll have this finished by the end of the week. For proper project details, check out the Ravelry project page.

It is living in the same project bag as the Vampire Queen Stripy Socks in a hope that my enthusiasm for the hat rubs off and inspires me to pick up the socks. It hasn’t yet, but we’ll see!


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