Tada! Nicole’s Two At a Time Toe Up Socks

I have a finished object!!

I finally finished the two at a time socks.

Nicole's Two At a Time Toe up Socks | kaleidoscopecity

I don’t have the best pictures of these for a couple of reasons. The first being that I took them in a bit of a rush after wearing them all day in dubious lighting. The second being that I have absolutely no idea how to take good photos of socks in the slightest. I’ll have to work on that.

I knit them using a very old pair of Regia Kaffe Fasset sock yarn balls. I probably could have just used one, but thought it would have been easier as I was knitting two at a time. At least, I assume I did considering I originally cast on over a year ago. I used the Knit Picks two at a time sock recipe which was fairly straight forward. I think the only thing I seemed to have trouble with was the initial cast on, but found a youtube tutorial for a different method that worked pretty well. I cast off using a version of Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy cast off which was fine. Well it was only fine because I didn’t do it “properly” and I only realised when looking for a video to link to and discovered this version which would have yielded infinitely better results!


I have included these dreadfully composed pictures in an attempt to show how long the socks are. The intersection between the blue and purple stripes on the left foot above the heel gusset decrease is about where my ankle bone is and they are roughly two inches longer than that. It is certainly an odd length and definitely could have been longer, but my interest in these socks was beginning to wane and I needed them off the needles.

All in all, I’m not unhappy with these socks. They are exactly what they are and that’s ok with me!



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