Tada! Katy’s (Offensively) Bright Granny Cushion

Behold! It is so loud. I love it. I’m a little sad that it’s not staying at my house (it is a thank-you gift for a friend who treats me very kindly indeed; I thought she deserved a little appreciation).

It’s made entirely with Stylecraft Special DK; mostly scraps from other projects.

I don’t have a full pattern for this item, but please feel free to take inspiration from my devil-may-care, slightly haphazard approach to making whatever the heck I please. *wink*

I must admit that it’s a bit snug over the new and floofy cushion pad, but in my experience that’ll settle and it won’t look so overstuffed after a while.

Although this is largely improvised, I did jump off from this sunburst granny pattern by PurpleChair (with a couple of minor adjustments). I found PurpleChair’s pattern on Pinterest.

After making the 9 granny squares, I joined them by slip stitching them together. First, I made three rows of three squares each; then I joined those together and added an improvised border.

Once it was the size I wanted, I started to crochet the back panels directly onto the top and bottom edges of my large square. 

I decided to use Attic 24’s Cosy Stripe pattern for the back; making two overlapping panels and stitching down the sides. Inside out, so that the stitching didn’t show. I did get the panels the wrong way round the first time, and had to unstitch and try again! Ah well. 

Once the stitching up was complete, I added some buttons to keep the cover fastened. The Cosy Stripe pattern has granny stripes with clusters and spaces, so I didn’t need to worry about creating button holes – they were built in! 

When I handed the finished item over to its recipient, she seemed genuinely delighted, so I’m calling that a win! 


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