Weekly Wednesday WIP Roll Call Ep. 3

Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.




Nicole's Two At A Time Toe Up Socks | Kaleidoscope City | kaleidoscopecity.wordpress.com

I was so determined to have these socks finished this week. After turning the heel for last week’s post I was completely obsessed with getting them done, alas it was not to be. The picture above shows them just before I started the ribbing. I was intending to use up as much of the yarn as I possibly could but I honestly just want them done despite how much yarn I have left over. I might make a matching pair of socks for my daughter, eventually.

My other WIPs have been left a bit by the wayside in an absolute shock turn of events. If there were a side eye emoji option, imagine it right before the beginning of this sentence! I have good reasons though. I’ve been working hard at finishing a small handful of knitting project bags for our impending Etsy shop opening. You can spot them in the corner of the picture above, and if you follow us/me on instagram I haven’t stopped banging on about them!

Once the rush to get everything sorted has calmed down I shall resume normal activity. I have noticed there are a few KALs and MALs that are about to happen that my WIPs can count for so will see how well I can sneak them in as projects for that! I also have to make a full start on my present knitting soon, Christmas is looming ever closer after all. More updates as they happen!





Hmm. I had to stop and think for a moment, to try and remember what crafty achievements I’ve made since last Wednesday. All I could remember at first was BAUBLES (which is understandable, since I’ve made at least one bauble every day this week. Bauble brain.)




I did manage a little more on the sunburst grannies. They’re great for times when I need to keep an eye on things (read: my children) because I don’t need to keep track of the pattern so much. A little at a time; until, one day, a blanket will appear fully formed upon my sofa with minimal apparent effort. Ta dah! Eventually.



I worked several more rounds on my Colour Pop Craft Swap project. I’m reluctant to go into great detail until the swap is done, but here’s a little sneak close-up desaturated peek for now.


And then, of course, the baubles. I had several more orders for sets, with quite different specifications – autumnal colours; pink and purple sparkly; white and copper. I’ve not made those last ones yet. Just ordered metallic copper yarn today. I do enjoy making them. So quick compared to my usual blankets. I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off any time soon, because they seem pretty popular!

Today my friend asked me about making a hand dyed knitted hat for her baby. That really piqued my interest! Prepare yourselves for a new and exciting WIP from me in the near future.

I’m afraid everything else has remained untouched. I’m easily distracted by the lure of receiving CASH MONEY in exchange for crocheting, it seems. But, as Nicole mentions, Christmas looms. Perhaps I’ll manage a handmade gift or two! We shall see.


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