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Weekly Wednesday WIP roll call

 – Where we hold ourselves to account for the obscene number of ongoing projects we may or may not have.


Pixel scrappy blanket


Current status: A big old bag of squares, which need to be blocked, woven in and joined. Think I’ve got enough squares though, which is a pleasing notion. This has been in progress several years, and in hibernation for a few months.


Sunburst caravan granny blanket


Current status: I love it. I need to make more squares. Waiting on a yarn delivery (expected today!)


Offensively bright granny cushion


Current status: So nearly finished. Just a few more rows on the back; weave in some ends, and finish sewing up the sides. Could be a FO by the weekend.


Sunburst cotton granny cushion


Current status: it’s basically finished, just needs the ends weaving in. But I don’t have a cushion pad the right size; so it’s in hibernation (about 2 years…) Also it needs blocking. Bit crinkly!


Lime and sage pram blanket


Current status: hibernating. Impulse project; no recipient in mind; not a priority. About 1/3 done. Got the yarn though, if I ever feel compelled!


Groot amigurumi


Current status: needs leaves, weights in the bottom. Maybe a bit more body detail.


Convertible mitts


Current status: sulking. The mitten flaps (!) don’t fit properly and I need to rip back a bit. Also part way through adding thumbs.


Knitting: two at a time, toe up, magic loop socks


Current status: hibernating  (about to frog and change yarn – as a sock newbie, I hadn’t realised that nylon was important! Gah.)






Knit :
Two At A Time Toe Up Socks – these originally started as a buddy project to help Katy learn sock knitting techniques, before my daughter was born. In fact I think we might have started these the day of my baby shower? Katy may verify that. As you can see above, Katy has plans to frog hers. I’m going to keep going with them, but not as a priority.

Cafe Au Yay Mitts – a project using some test hand dyed yarn to see how my colour choices would look knit up. I love these colours, they are my traditional favourite colour scheme. However I’m currently playing (losing) a game of yarn chicken and haven’t been able to finish them thus far.

Vampire Queen Stripy Socks – a pair for my husband. Yes, I am using a sparkle sock base to knit a pair of socks for my husband. They are Adventure Time themed yarn from Gynx Yarns so I guess that outweighs the sparkly-ness.

Granny Ripple Blanket – this is my current Great British Bake Off project. Perfect to work on with a cup of tea. Originally intended to be finished long ago, however pregnancy aversions put paid to that! I am happy just plodding along with it for now though.

Adventure Time Jake Amigurumi – I have the body finished so just need to do all the fiddly bits. I’m making this for my daughter but considering she wouldn’t be able to name him, I don’t think there’s a crazy rush for him!

These are the main ones I am working on at the moment at least, I do have more in deep deep hibernation! I might also have secret projects that will be revealed in the future. Then again, I might not. I have to keep some mystery alive right?


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