Beginnings pt. 2


I’m Katy, and I’m the other half of Kaleidoscope City. I live a bit of a charmed life, really; crafting away in amazing Folkestone, with my other half (“boyfriend” sounds faintly ridiculous after eleven years), our two children and two cats.


Folkestone’s alright, I suppose

As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt this need to draw, make, knit, crochet, something. Enabled mostly by other women around me – my nana (knitting), my aunt Jean (EVERYTHING, seriously she could make anything, and made me feel like I could too), Nicole (she taught me to crochet!); I think I’ve pretty much had some project or another on the go since childhood. Even my mum, who isn’t really interested in crafts, made sure our cupboard under the stairs was packed solid with all manner of fancy felt tip pens, Shrinkles, clay kits, paint-your-own whatevers, and plenty of paper and glue. So I was pretty lucky, I think, to be provided with outlets for my creativity through my whole life.

Nicole and I met at college back in 2003, fresh out of school, and immediately bonded over our mutual love of emo band tees and film photography. In art class. We have hung out and done creative stuff together ever since!


We’re gonna stay eighteen for ever.

So, me. I seriously admire knitters and quilters; but I am a crocheter at heart! I LOVE granny squares especially. I can never stick to my chosen colour palette because a) I probably didn’t plan a colour palette in the first place, and b) I like to use all of the colours.



I co-run a local crochet group (have a peep – Harbour Crochet!) with my friend, who also happens to be called Katy. More about HC another time, perhaps.

All that crocheting (along with being a stay-at-home mum to two rambunctious children) doesn’t seem to leave me much time for other crafts; but I am quite determined to knit a pair of socks. And do needle felting. And embroidery. And spinning! And quilting. Yeah…

Aforementioned munchkins.

My hope is that one day I can make a living out of my creative interests; and this blog is our first step towards that dream. Can’t wait to get cracking and share our ideas with the world!


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